Networking infrastructures such as LAN/WAN and Intranet is our core specialty. Our high-experienced certified experts, combined with best-of-breed end-to-end solutions will surely provide a high-quality yet easy to maintain network infrastructures that fits into your building esthetic.
Data center is a command and control center of ICT system, and require high-experienced, certified experts in its planning, designing and implementation. Our expert team has proven their stunning capability in designing and implementing high-performance, reliable, yet efficient data center system to many of our clients.
As communication and electronic system become more convergent with IT, expertise in planning, designing and delivering comprehensive, integrated solution is highly required. Supporting by expert team with various kind of specialization, MAM has succeeded in delivering integrated IT, telephony, and surveillance system that fits the customers’ needs and budget.
Even a perfectly built integrated ICT solution cannot be operated in absence of proper supporting system. MAM has a remarkable capability and success stories in delivering even electrical and other supporting infrastructures e.g. electrical facilities, air conditioning system, etc.